Suicidal rape victim denied abortion; 8th amendment must go


Under new act women are being treated as vessels without basic human rights While protecting the identity of the woman, all the facts must be immediately made public The current process to determine suicidality must be scrapped Abortion must immediately be made available in cases of rape, incest, fatal foetal abnormalities and where there’s a threat to the health of ...

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Labour’s sell-out

29/11/2013. Labour Party conference. Minister for

An opinion Poll in early June showed the Labour Party with 4% support nationally. This is a measure of how comprehensively that party has disappointed those who voted for it in the 2011 General Election.

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Joe Higgins TD on Banking Inquiry Nomination


The government’s actions in cobbling together a majority on the Committee has been unbelievably crude and hamfisted. However, while this has shown to the world the cynical manoeuvrings that go on among the establishment political parties in the Oireachtas as they jockey for advantage, it fundamentally changes nothing. All parties understood that the government was always going to use its Dáil majority to have a majority on the Committee.

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Mother & Baby Homes: Both church & state are guilty


Appalling – abhorrent – grotesque – it’s difficult to find words to adequately express the horrors visited upon the poorest and most vulnerable sections of Irish society, particularly women and children, at the hands of Church and State in Ireland.

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Statement on proposals for a Dublin Mayor


Socialist Party demands stand alone Plebiscite whereby massively far-reaching proposals can be properly debated. Forcing a Plebiscite on May 23 along with Local and Euro Elections, with no adequate time for debate, would be anti-democratic and unacceptable.

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People power stops school closure


An explosion of anger ripped through the Northside of Cork city when the trustees of Catholic primary schools in the North Cathedral parish announced plans to shut the North Mon primary school, evict 171 boys and forcibly amalgamate the school with the nearby St Vincent’s girls school.

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