Vote Yes and fight all homophobic laws


By Conor Payne The most recent opinion poll shows an enormous 76% support for the upcoming referendum on marriage equality. While this should not lead activists to be complacent – there will be a major campaign by the Catholic right to sow confusion and play on backward ideas – it does show a sea change in attitudes to LGBT people ...

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The deadly legacy of health cuts

ii INMO Nurses protest D_9 (Read-Only)

By Michael O’Brien Back in August I was given a glimpse of the developing crisis situation in Beaumont Hospital when at the invitation of a member of staff I was taken on a tour pointing out the various stresses the system was being put under. The bad situation in A&E goes without saying but on that particular day the main ...

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The movement from below – working class self-organisation

water protest

In the last six years, austerity was imposed without the same level of protest as took place in other countries. Working class people were reeling from the shock of the recession and, of course, given no lead by the union leadership. Now, the establishment's claims of economic recovery have given more confidence to people to challenge austerity, crystallising around the hated water charges.

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Capitalist media: cheerleaders for austerity


Socialist Party TD, Ruth Coppinger’s assertion that Independent Newspapers champion austerity, has drawn squawks of indignation from the media. In an attempt to rebuke this, Brendan O’Connor (presumably with a straight face) claimed: “[The Irish Independent] has campaigned hugely against austerity for the last six years”.

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10,000 March in Limerick with message: “No way, we won’t pay!”

Limerick protest

A massive protest of 10,000 marched through Limerick city on October 25th against water charges. The demonstration was wholly organised by the We Won’t Pay Campaign. The dominant theme was unquestionably support for a campaign of mass non-payment with chants of “No way, we won’t pay!” echoing throughout the streets of Limerick for hours as the march passed. Not only ...

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Denis O’Brien’s answer to a question that nobody asked

reform alliance

Another Sunday morning and yet again we see the mainstream media giving a massive plug for the Reform Alliance. Yesterday’s (October 19) Sunday Times  headline boldly announced: “Creighton Seeks recruits for new party”. But the article underneath was a long list of TDs and groups who would not be supporting the new party, one TD who may support it and one ...

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