Damning report on inequality


By Diana O’Dwyer A new report by TASC shows that Ireland has the worst ‘market income’ inequality in the EU before tax and social welfare. – The top one percent of households receive ten percent of wages, profits and rents, or €373,000 on average. – The top ten percent receive a third of market income and own 42-58% of wealth. ...

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Review: Capital in the Twenty-First Century – Thomas Picketty


The serious strategists of capitalism vaguely recognise that the future of capitalism is threatened by growing inequality. When the head of the IMF and the governor of the Bank of England join in the chorus demanding 'something should be done' or 'stability' will be threatened, it is clear that fear of strikes, revolt and revolution is growing among society's elite.

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Ireland’s inequality increases


New figures released for 2013 highlight how Ireland is a country of widening inequality, with a massive divide growing between the super-rich elite and big business on the one hand and the majority of the population subjected to brutal austerity on the other.

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Youth guarantee: forced cheap labour

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The Youth Guarantee was the crowning achievement of the Irish Presidency of the EU in 2013. The Labour Party have hailed it from the rooftops, Emer Costello MEP, has even gone to the bother of holding meetings around the city to promote it. But what does it really guarantee?

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