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Marking the inspirational struggle of women


By Eleanor Donne Over the years, International Women’s Day – originally intended to mark the inspirational struggle of the half of the world’s oppressed because of gender – has been commercialised, stripped of its radical message on women’s key part in the socialist movement. As a contribution towards reclaiming the day and its real significance, Eleanor Donne of the Socialist ...

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Holocaust week: Who was responsible and what we should remember?


By Robert Bechert Deep emotions were aroused by January’s week-long ceremonies to mark the 60th anniversary of the Red Army liberating the Auschwitz extermination camp complex. For survivors of all the Nazi extermination and concentration camps the terrible memories came back of death, torture, starvation and, particularly for those who were children then, suddenly losing parents, brothers, and sisters, as ...

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5 Years since Dell closure in Limerick


Put workers’ livelihoods before super-profits SAVE ALL JOBS AT DELL   “This is not about a company that’s in trouble. This is about greed, corporate greed. They’re going to Poland because apparently they can make an extra 3%” – Sacked Dell Worker (quoted in Associated Press) Like a vulture, having ripped profit out of its workers in Limerick, Dell now ...

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Water charges struggle: The lessons for today

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Water charges were strongly resisted throughout the country since 1983. In the end it was the intense battle waged in Dublin for three years which resulted in their abolition in 1996. There were many facets of this campaign but this article will try to outline the key lessons that can be learned and on that basis pose the tasks facing the new movement against refuse charges.

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