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International Women’s Day 2014

For more than a century, 8 March has been known as International Women’s Day - the day to commemorate and celebrate the struggles of working and poor women against exploitation at work, in society and at home. Over the years, however, its meaning has been distorted.

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European Elections: Get active in campaign to elect Paul Murphy MEP

These elections come at an important time. Every time we turn on the TV or read the papers we will see the government and many of their friends in the right wing press trumpeting a “recovery” in the economy. However, where is the recovery for working people who are suffering under viscous neo-liberal austerity policies? Emigration is at record levels, our public services are at breaking point, despite the smoke and mirrors from the Labour Party social welfare is being slashed, there is a housing crisis with soaring rents and house prices, unemployment is high and the only jobs available are low paid with yellow pack conditions.

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Recovery for them – Robbery for us

We must demand an end to austerity now, writes Cllr. Mick Barry. The spindoctors of the capitalist establishment are working overtime as 2014 kicks in talking up the prospects of economic recovery. TV, radio, newspapers and the internet are choc-a-bloc with “good news stories” in the wake of the Troika exit before Christmas. But for the vast majority of ordinary working ...

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