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Mass non-payment can bury this charge

This government is in trouble on the issue of the water charges and now they know it. 1 million unreturned forms will all add to a sense of frenzied panic in the corridors of Leinster House. They fear that this massive revolt will turned into massive non-payment of these charges and they are right.

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Joe Higgins on how water charges were beaten in 1996

In December 1996, the now Labour Party Minister for Public Expenditure, Brendan Howlin – at that time Minister for the Environment in a Fine Gael/Labour Coalition government – announced the national abolition of Water Charges. This was a huge victory for the power of ordinary working class people, who had actively supported a massive three year campaign of boycott, protests ...

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Abortion ban must go

Statement from ROSA to Coalition to Repeal the 8th Conference. ROSA is an anti-capitalist, pro-choice women’s rights group, that Socialist Party women members initiated and continue to play a very active role in. The sickening treatment of a young, migrant, highly vulnerable rape victim (Ms Y) by this state has to be a spur to re-develop and to spread an ...

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Suicidal rape victim denied abortion; 8th amendment must go

Under new act women are being treated as vessels without basic human rights While protecting the identity of the woman, all the facts must be immediately made public The current process to determine suicidality must be scrapped Abortion must immediately be made available in cases of rape, incest, fatal foetal abnormalities and where there’s a threat to the health of ...

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Medical card debacle – free healthcare for all!

“An attempt to improve the medical card system, to bring fairness and equity to the system” is the justification spewed by Health Minister James Reilly following the government’s announcement that 15,300 discretionary medical cards callously revoked from the most vulnerable will be reinstated.

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