Property Tax

Mass civil disobedience to defeat government court threats


It is clear that hundreds of thousands of households will refuse to register or to pay the household tax.  The only issue is whether this number will be more than half a million, more than three-quarters of a million or more than a million itself.  With big numbers deciding it is better to break the law than to break the poor, this is a key first step in a major campaign of civil disobedience.

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Phil Hogan Confronted in Limerick

house tax is hiway robbery 1000px

Household Tax is Highway Robbery

Minister Phil Hogan visited Limerick last Friday, and was confronted by a masked robber who exclaimed: "Stand and Deliver: Household Tax, Highway Robbery!" The protest, organised by the Limerick branch of the Campaign Against Household & Water Taxes got great media coverage locally and nationally, and ensured Hogan's didn't go unchallenged on his trip to Limerick.

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Build mass non-registration by St Patrick’s Day


The Irish Independent reported over Christmas that the government are planning a mass state-wide leaflet drop in early February encouraging people to register for the household tax and threatening them with dire consequences if they fail to do so.

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Come to the national assemblies from Donegal to Kerry: Build a mass campaign

tds  mep at launch

One hundred people attended a meeting on the Household Tax in Galway, 700 in Donegal, over 80 in limerick. And all these before the government’s legislation was passed and the issue came centre stage in the media. Already in January, 120 attended a meeting in Gorey, Wexford. 400 met to discuss the Septic Tank Tax and the Household Tax in County Limerick. 90 people protested outside Galway City Council in early January.

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Household tax ‘no benefit’ to councils, Manager confirms

Fingal County Council's Finance Director has stated that the proposed Household Tax will be of "no benefit" to local councils as it goes "straight into the Local Government Fund". The categorical statement from Mr Pat Keane came when presenting Fingal's Annual Budget  (20 Dec) and directly contradicts Minister Hogan's claim that the Household Tax is to fund libraries, fire brigades and other local services.

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Threats to deduct household tax misleading & will be fought


Alarmist media headlines over the past week give the impression that €2,500 could easily be deducted from the wages and welfare payments of householders boycotting the registration and payment of the new household tax. In fact such legislation does not even exist at this time. Nor does any legislation allow for the tax itself to be deducted.

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Mass campaign of non-payment only way to defeat regressive tax


The first three months of 2012 could turn out to be an historic period in the modern political and social life of this State. It could be when the quiet majority of the population takes a decisive stand against shouldering any more burdens to bail out the major bankers, speculators and bondholders of Europe at the behest of the unholy trinity of the EU/IMF/ECB with the Fine Gael/Labour government as its agent. And the potent weapon they can wield is a boycott of the registration and payment of the newly imposed Household Tax.

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