Property Tax

Why the Property Tax must be boycotted

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In March the Revenue Commissioners will post property tax demands to 1.9 million homes.  People will be asked under threat of penalty to register by 7 May (forms) or electronically by May 28. The Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes (CAHWT) is calling on householders to ignore the forms and to refuse to register.

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Build a mass struggle against the Property Tax

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There is no question but that the Property Tax is the anti-austerity issue this year, writes Cllr Matthew Waine. The planned robbery of peoples’ wages, pensions & welfare payments by a government that includes the Labour Party is the final straw for many people.

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How to fight the Property Tax


The household tax was fought to a standstill by a campaign which involved perhaps 20,000 - 30,000 people taking some kind of action linked to 700,000 people who simply didn't register and didn't pay.

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Trade unions must fight the property tax


Trade unions have to take a stand against the property tax. This is an austerity tax being brought in for no other reason than to fund the ongoing bailout of bondholders . It will tip thousands of families into poverty. How can the unions, as representative organisations for workers, stay silent about that?

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Solidarity & protest for those summonsed to court


Tens of thousands of householders have received their third threatening letter from a local authority with the warning that they are liable to be summonsed to appear in court if they do not pay their household tax and register within 10 days of receiving the letter.

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March against austerity 24 November!


Between 1 October and Budget Day, €2.9 billion will have been handed over to parasite bondholders. That will bring the total amount of money given to bondholders this year to €19,911,338,474. Then, on that day, Minister Noonan will stand up in the Dail and announce a further €3.5 billion worth of cuts and extra taxes.

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Resistance – only way to stop €1,000 austerity taxes

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“Introducing a property tax will prove one of this Government’s most difficult challenges.  It may even prove intractable.” - Noel Whelan, Irish Times, 1 September. The Government’s new property tax will hit households many times harder than this year’s household tax. The International Monetary Fund have called on the Government to introduce the property tax at a “suitably high” rate.

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Property tax will intensify opposition to austerity


Over the past few weeks speculation has intensified about the proposed property tax which we are told the government intends to introduce next year following an announcement in the Budget speech in December. There is an absence of hard information from the government but, in general, in the establishment media there is agreement that a property tax should be imposed with the rider that it should be ‘fair and equitable.’ For property tax we should substitute ‘home tax.’

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