90 corporations responsible for two thirds of global emissions


Individualizing the cause of climate change will only conceal the truth. A study published in the journal Climate Change indicated that since the dawn of the Industrial Era just 90 companies have caused two thirds of all man-made global warming emissions. All but seven of the 90 were energy companies producing oil, gas and coal.

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Environment: Profit-fuelled global warming

To develop a carbon-neutral global economy, economic and political power must be taken out of the hands of the ‘noxious 90’, writes Manny Thain. Predictably, empty words were all that came out of the UN-sponsored climate talks in Warsaw – the 19th climate summit since Rio 1992. Despite the latest IPCC report that the threat is even greater than previously ...

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Free the Arctic 30

000 arctic 30

During a protest against the drilling for oil in the Arctic by the Russian company, Gazprom, 30 Greenpeace activists and journalists were arrested after their boat was boarded and seized by armed Russian border police.

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Climate change – just how can it be tackled?

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This September, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published a highly anticipated report detailing the latest findings on global warming. Drawn from the meticulous, peer-reviewed studies of over 800 leading scientists, the IPCC document refutes claims that climate change is uncertain, in decline, or not caused by human activity.

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Fuelling world hunger – biofuels not the route to sustainability


Biofuels are fuels that are produced from living or geologically recent organisms such as plants. These have long been regarded by some as a possible alternative to fossil fuels and contributor in solving the environmental crisis facing the planet as a renewable form of energy. In September of this year the European Parliament is due to discuss changes in EU biofuel policies.

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Environment: Climate change accelerates


The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the main cause of global warming, has reached a critical level. Carbon dioxide is released by the burning of coal, gas and oil, so called fossil fuels.

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Doha climate talks dead-end


The latest UN-sponsored climate talks in Doha in December ended in total failure – just as previous summits have. Friends of the Earth called the talks a "disaster zone" and Greenpeace asked of the negotiators: "What planet are you on?" As usual, the capitalist politicians taking part tried to talk up the outcome. Ed Davey, Lib Dem climate change minister, claimed that "it is genuine progress... It is a bigger step forward than people have given us credit for".

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Too many people – Has world population reached its limits?


One of the major divisions within environmentalists is on the issue of population and ‘overpopulation’, with many claiming that a key cause of environmental damage is too many people. The British Royal Society recently released a report, People and the Planet, which argued that, to avoid "a downward spiral of economic and environmental ills", the world’s population needs to be stabilised. Ian Angus and Simon Butler’s book, Too Many People, examines these claims and explores their implications.

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Global warming: Socialist plan for the environment is needed


Global warming is the overriding environmental issue facing the world. 20 years have passed since the United Nations’ (UN) ’Earth Summit’ in Rio de Janeiro highlighted the problem. However, the output of greenhouse gases that cause climate change has continued to escalate to a critical level that threatens environmental catastrophe. As emissions have rocketed, the gap between the green rhetoric of governments in the industrialised capitalist countries and their feeble policy response has become a chasm.

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World warming even faster than thought


2010 is now thought to be the warmest year on record. Previously, the accelerated warming of the arctic was insufficiently taken into account by one of the main global temperature records. Now, new data paints a dramatic picture of our warming planet: due to a sharp rise in carbon dioxide output from industrial activity over the last two decades, the world is warming faster than we thought.

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