Anti-Water Charges

Labour right to be in a panic over Water Tax as electoral slaughter looms


The Labour Party is in an obvious panic over water charges looming large as the Local and European Elections approach. They are right to be. Labour's infamous 'Tesco' Ad during the 2011 General Election Campaign specifically named a Fine Gael water tax of €238 per annum as one of the key things they would stop if in government. Their betrayal on this will cost them dear.

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Open forum: Fighting the water tax & austerity


First they asked us to pay for the crisis, now they are asking us to pay for the “recovery”! Hardly a day goes by without some new announcement in the media about economic recovery. But rather than seizing the so-called recovery to ease the burden, the government are actually stepping up their austerity agenda. A sharp edge of this continuing policy is the drive to impose water charges.

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Invest in water infrastructure, not metering

000 joe higgins

The government is spending €539 million on construction crews digging up concrete pavements all over the country to install water meters outside every home. At the same time the capital city is suffering crippling water shortages because there hasn’t been enough investment in production plants that could store sufficient treated water to cover periodic problems that inevitably arise such as the current difficulties from the variation in the available water’s chemical properties.

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The truth about water metering and charges

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The cloak and dagger tactics employed by Irish Water to garner media publicity for the installation of its ‘first domestic water meter’ on Thursday of last week is an unconscious admission that the imposition of a new water tax will face huge opposition around the country.

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Statement by the Socialist Party on water metering & charging


The proposal by the government and Irish Water to install millions of water meters on homes is reactionary and profit-driven and has nothing to do with water conservation. Meters will facilitate the charging of individuals / families for the use of a basic necessity, currently paid for through central taxation.

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Septic Tank Charge: Don’t register, don’t pay!


A major campaign of opposition to the septic tank charge and the Household Tax has developed throughout rural Ireland with meetings of 400-500 in Donegal Town and Malin in Donegal and 500 plus in Newcastle West, County Limerick. In some cases opportunist establishment politicians are helping organise these meetings but Fianna Fail and Fine Gael are largely responsible for the failure to provide an adequate modern waste water infrastructure and they will be found out in the course of the genuine campaign which is being built.

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