Anti Austerity Alliance

AAA launch YES posters

Paul Murphy TD said “The Anti-Austerity Alliance are campaigning for a ‘Yes’ vote in the Marriage Equality Referendum. The current norm of discriminating against same sex couples must end. LGBTQ people have had to fight for their rights for decades, from getting male homosexuality de-criminalised to holding this referendum. We appeal to anti-water charges activists to campaign for a ‘Yes’ ...

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Ruth Coppinger calls for end to interception of abortion pills


Parliamentary Question included below  Anti-Austerity Alliance TD, Ruth Coppinger, has today called on the government and Customs to “stop adding to the misery of women in crisis pregnancies by intercepting abortion pills they have ordered and paid for online.” Speaking after figures were released by the Department of Health in response to a Parliamentary Question on the number of ‘abortion pills’ seized by the ...

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Alan Kelly’s bluster will be met with solid boycott


AAA – Alan Kelly’s bluster will be met with solid boycott and the sinking of Irish Water & government o No penalties or court cases until after General Election o Private Members Motion will give government last opportunity to scrap water charges before boycott sinks them and Irish Water o Anti-Austerity Alliance success & rapid growth show working class people ...

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Government must ban home repossessions by banks


· Profitable state-owned banks should write down mortgage debt · Repossession crisis will become intensify homelessness crisis The Anti-Austerity Alliance has today responded to comments made by Taoiseach Enda Kenny on the increase in home repossessions being lodged by banks and the inaction of his government: Ruth Coppinger TD said: “There are bills for repossession lodged on 1,673 family homes ...

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Joe Higgins on SIPTU’s support for Sinn Fein

SF and Jack

During the last seven years of austerity, the Irish Congress of Trades Unions (ICTU) and its biggest component, Siptu, capitulated utterly in front of the diktats of the financial markets as imposed by the Troika resulting in working class people being forced to salvage the capitalist finance system. SIPTU and Labour betrayal The ICTU and Siptu leadership shamefully supported the ...

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AIB back in profit – must remain in public ownership


· After socialising losses, profits can now be shared by society… · Banks can become a public utility to advance economy rather than make profits The Anti-Austerity Alliance has said that the news that AIB has returned to profit should spark a debate in Irish society about the economic role banks currently play in society and the role they could ...

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Jailings of anti-water charges protesters: A disgrace!

Stop political policing

The Anti-Austerity Alliance has today condemned the jailing of anti-water meter protestors at the behest of Denis O’Brien’s company GMC Sierra. Anti-Austerity Alliance TD Paul Murphy said “The jailing of these protestors and the arrests in Tallaght is an attack on the right of communities to protest against the imposition of austerity measures, in this case the water charge and ...

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