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The Gardaí & media: A cosy relationship revealed

Paul Williams NO'S

By Manus Lenihan The Maurice McCabe scandal has been another grim reminder that we don’t have a “free press” (in the true sense of the word) here in Ireland. Rather we have a media that in general has an overly-cosy relationship with the establishment. With the McCabe scandal, it’s clear that big sections of the media cooperated with the mafia-style ...

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US: Brutal crackdown in Standing Rock


By Manus Lenihan North Dakota today is the centre of a US-wide and international movement of Native Americans and their allies in the environmental movement. The planned route for the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) winds from Illinois to the Bakken oil reserves. On the way it passes through the water source of tens of millions of people, and the burial ...

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Our planet can’t wait: System change not climate change!

Gas flares at the Suncor Oil Sands Mining Site.

By Manus Lenihan Climate change is no longer just a distant threat. The town of Fort McMurray in Canada burned for months earlier this year, part of a trend towards far more intense wildfires across the world. Extreme weather events have tripled since the 1960s. The Arctic could be ice-free in the summer by 2020. It’s now too late to ...

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Panama Papers & tax havens: Super-rich hoard wealth

Panama papers

By Manus Lenihan Just 62 capitalists own as much wealth as the poorest 50% of the human race.   Between $21 and $32 trillion is in tax havens around the world. The Panama Papers reveal that 140 political leaders were clients of Mossack Fonseca. This is just one law firm that is estimated to control just 5% – 10% of the ...

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Capitalist media – cheerleaders for Troika tyranny

soup kitchen

Greek media blackout of “Oxi” Irish people remember the incredible media bias during the Lisbon, Nice and “Austerity Treaty” referenda. That was nothing compared to the depths the media, in Greece and globally, sank to before the 5 July referendum. 36 people were interviewed in one a Mega TV bulletin, and surprise surprise, every single one of them was going ...

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Top 50 US companies hoarding $1 trillion in cash

Hoarding cash

By Manus Lenihan The fifty biggest companies in the United States are sitting on piles of money adding up to $1.1 trillion. Apple, Microsoft, Google, Pfizer and Cisco alone have $439 billion between them (Financial Times). Like dragons sprawled watchfully dozing over heaps of gold, these gigantic corporations would fly into a rage over any plans to nationalise or raise ...

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Why is Big Business showering Sinn Féin with money?

Gerry Adams in NY

By Manus Lenihan Last November, Friends of Sinn Féin held a dinner at the fanciest hotel in Manhattan, raising $350,000. The image of stinking-rich people dining in the Times Square Sheraton, each forking out thousands to Sinn Féin, doesn’t sit well with the left-wing, “champion of the people” image that Adams and co were acting out at their Ard Fheis. ...

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Denis O’Brien’s answer to a question that nobody asked

reform alliance

Another Sunday morning and yet again we see the mainstream media giving a massive plug for the Reform Alliance. Yesterday’s (October 19) Sunday Times  headline boldly announced: “Creighton Seeks recruits for new party”. But the article underneath was a long list of TDs and groups who would not be supporting the new party, one TD who may support it and one ...

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