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Weak government faces “Winter of discontent”


A coil can only be pushed back so much before it recoils and that’s what’s happening now as demands for pay increases are smacking Enda Kenny’s Government and different companies around the head. Garda organisations, the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation and others seem to be prepared to join workers at Bus Eireann and Irish Rail on a path towards ...

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Apple tax scam, Jobstown- We need a party for the class struggles ahead


By Kevin McLoughlin With a straight face, Enda Kenny says he is appealing the Apple judgement in the public interest. It is speculated that five or six other multinationals operating in Ireland are also being investigated. If the back tax figure for Apple is €19 billion, how much was robbed altogether from the public – in the public interest? Defending ...

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Potential for new Left movement


By Kevin McLoughlin Christmas is coming, so too is the general election and the political games involving the four main parties. However, there is an alternative to the political horse trading where the interests of working class people are just a chip to be bartered with so that these parties can gain power. We need a wholly new political movement ...

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What kind of Left challenge is needed?


By Kevin McLoughlin Working class people made the demonstration of 11 October last year a historic event. They mobilised themselves and changed the political situation in the whole country and in so doing they propelled Right2Water to a prestigious position of being a key convenor for this new movement. Incredibly within months in another historic mobilisation, the working class has ...

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Water charges: Why non-payment is essential

Limerick AAA

By Kevin McLoughlin “If you fight you might lose, if you don’t you have already lost.” It is meaningless to oppose to the water charges, but then to pay them. Your “protest” will be ignored and the government will have successfully robbed you of more of your money, and you will have made it easy for them. Refuse to pay ...

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Water charges struggle: The lessons for today

water charges small blue

Water charges were strongly resisted throughout the country since 1983. In the end it was the intense battle waged in Dublin for three years which resulted in their abolition in 1996. There were many facets of this campaign but this article will try to outline the key lessons that can be learned and on that basis pose the tasks facing the new movement against refuse charges.

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