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Public Sector workers-Reject the Lansdowne Road Agreement!


By Councillor Michael O’Brien The Labour Party is desperate to try demonstrate in the short time that remains for this government that it can deliver for workers. This, and the original scheduled expiring of the Haddington Road Agreement were the key factors motivating the negotiations resulting in the Lansdowne Road agreement they reached with the leaders of the public sector unions and which will go ...

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North: Step up the fight for LGBTQ equality

Bert and Ernie

By Kevin Henry The vote for marriage equality in the South is an important point of inspiration in the fight for equality here. Many will also be disappointed that, once again, Northern Ireland is being left behind when it comes to LGBT rights, as well as women’s rights, while racist attacks increase and sectarian division continues to pervade society. DUP: ...

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Joe Higgins TD on new legislation and water charges

water protest

“Householders who refuse to pay water bills will have charges deducted from wages or dole”, screamed the Irish Independent in early May in response, no doubt, to a behind the scenes briefing from Government officials. We are getting used to these types of headlines. In March, the Irish Times told us: “Irish Water may deduct unpaid bills from wages and ...

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North: Election marks growing rejection of sectarian status quo

Image from Harrison Photography - do not delete this IPTC data

By Daniel Waldron and Kevin  Henry While the election in Northern Ireland may, on the surface, seem to have been business as usual, the results suggest that rejection of the sectarian status quo is growing. Opposition to austerity and reactionary social policies found a voice in the midst of the campaign. There are positive pointers towards the opportunities to build ...

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Water charges: Don’t panic, don’t pay!

water protest

Irish Water Refuse to Give Payment Figures Despite Taoiseach telling TDs ‘to toddle along’ for information Kenny’s ignorant Dail remark shows govt rocked & proposed Legislation no ‘silver bullet’ to Irish Water Boycott Massive Boycott in process & Irish Water Cannot Deduct at Source & Courts will be jammed Earlier in the Dail today during Leaders Questions Taoiseach Enda Kenny ...

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The assault on public services continues

Dublin Bus workers

By Diana O’Dwyer After almost seven years of austerity, public services are at breaking point. Cuts in capital expenditure on housing of 84% have left 100,000 households on the housing list and spending per college student has been slashed 41%. These are just two examples of Austerity Phase One. And despite what Noonan and Burton say, it is nowhere near ...

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Deaths in Lampadusa: “Systematic Slaughter”

Lampedusa migration

By Kevin Henry The recent deaths of more than 800 people who drowned when a small fishing boat capsized near the Italian island of Lampedusa shocked people across Europe. This brings the death toll of immigrants from north Africa attempting to reach Europe by boat in 2015 alone to 1,600. Last year, around 170,000 migrants crossed the Mediterranean to get ...

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Bolivia, April 2000: Uprising defeats water privatisation


By Manus Lenihan “I want to denounce the subversive attitude [which is] absolutely politically financed by narcotraffickers, who aim to destabilize the constitutional democratically elected government.” These words were spoken in response to water charge protests, but they did not come from the mouth of some Fine Gael backbencher or posh journalist. Irish anti-water charge protesters have been compared to ...

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Ruth Coppinger calls for end to interception of abortion pills


Parliamentary Question included below  Anti-Austerity Alliance TD, Ruth Coppinger, has today called on the government and Customs to “stop adding to the misery of women in crisis pregnancies by intercepting abortion pills they have ordered and paid for online.” Speaking after figures were released by the Department of Health in response to a Parliamentary Question on the number of ‘abortion pills’ seized by the ...

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Why you should be a socialist

comrades in US

The following article was written by members of Socialist Alternative, the sister organisation of the Socialist Party in the US. We have been to the forefront in the struggle for the fight $15 an hour and in November 2013 SA member Kshama Sawant was elected as council member in Seattle receiving 95,000 votes. 1. We are helping lead the fight back ...

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