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Momentum for abortion rights grows- Repeal the 8th now!

Cork abortion pill protest

By Monika Janas The general election has come and gone and the 8th Amendment is still here, in case you were wondering. Warm and cosy in the constitution where it has the power to strip women of their bodily autonomy and make them into incubators. Despite this, the mood has shifted. Pro-choice sentiment grows Political parties are finding it more ...

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Replace Labour with a real Left

Ruth Coppinger photo

By Cllr.­ Cian Prendiville The Labour Party was founded by socialists such as Connolly and Larkin to give an independent political voice for workers, women and young people in the fight against the super-rich and their political puppets. It has not only broken every election promise and breached every principle, it has betrayed the very purpose for which it was ...

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Unprecedented polarisation in US elections

Trump protest

By Eddie McCabe Extraordinary things are happening in the race for the presidency in the US. The once impervious two-party system that defines politics in the US is being convulsed from within, as mass social inequality and polarisation in society has seen unprecedented momentum generated for two candidates outside of both political establishments, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Sanders’ political ...

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Dublin West- Socialist Party responds to attacks on AAA

Ruth Coppinger photo

Unfortunately, since the count concluded in Dublin West on Saturday night, there has been a campaign of misinformation and lies putting forward the incredible idea that Ruth Coppinger, Joe Higgins and the AAA campaign unfairly scuppered Paul Donnelly and caused Joan Burton to be re-elected. There has been misinformation and hostile postings by prominent public figures on social media. There ...

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Socialists & the National Question

KH article

  Over the last two decades, in the aftermath of paramilitary ceasefires in 1994 and the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, it has been argued that the foundations have been laid to overcome sectarian conflict and division. KEVIN HENRY explains why a just and democratic solution to the national question on this island is ultimately unattainable without ...

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Worker exploitation rife in fishing industry

Fishing industry

By Councillor Michael O’Brien The Guardian newspaper recently published a major exposé about the systematic super exploitation of non-EU migrants in the fishing industry in Ireland. However this situation was brought to the government’s attention some years earlier by the office of Joe Higgins TD among others. In early 2013, at the prompting of Ken Fleming of the International Transport ...

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Schools Admissions policies: Separate Church and State

church and state

By Robert Cosgrave On Sunday, October 25 hundreds of people came out on the streets of Dublin to protest against the continued dominance of the Catholic Church in the Irish education system. Similarly in an online poll for the Irish Times released this year the majority of participants agreed that equal access to schools should be given to all children, ...

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The Bernie Sanders challenge

Bernie Sanders artilce

The established political order in the US has been shaken up by Bernie Sanders’ campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. Not only has he tapped into a widespread anti-corporate mood, he has also fired up interest in socialist ideas. TOM CREAN reports on the impact of his campaign, and the tasks it sets for the workers’ movement. The 2016 US ...

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Oppose imperialist intervention in Syria


Editorial from “The Socialist”, paper of the Socialist Party in England and Wales.  After four and a half long, bloody years of civil war in Syria – with over a quarter of a million dead and eleven million displaced – there is still no end in sight. On the contrary the entire region faces being drawn into a sectarian civil ...

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