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Public transport: Oppose privatisation & race to the bottom

05/08/2013-NEWS-Dublin Bus workers line the road entering into the Dublin Bus Deopt at Phibsboro, Dublin.Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons  /  IRISH TIMES

By Councillor Michael O’Brien Dublin Bus workers in SIPTU and the NBRU have accepted the pay offer of 11.25% over three years that emanated from the talks at the WRC. There is no doubt this higher offer has been won through the strike action spanning six days in September. Dublin Bus workers can hold their heads high as their determined ...

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US Presidential election & the need for a party of the 99%


By Cillian Gillespie The US Presidential election has taken a dramatic twist with the coming to light of a secret recording of Donald Trump grotesquely bragging of his sexual assaults of various women.  As vile as these comments are, their content should not come as a major surprise to those who have listened to the litany of racist, Islamaphobic and ...

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Homelessness & drug addiction – deteriorating crises


By Fiona O’Loughlin The scale of the crises in housing and drug addiction is becoming more and more evident on our streets. A striking feature of this crisis is the Government’s unwillingness to deal with this. Simon Coveney, the Minister with responsibility for housing, said in September;  ”We are running to stand still at the moment”.  The fact of the ...

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Poland: Mass protests force retreat on abortion ban


The following article was written by a member of the Socialist Party’s sister organisation in Poland, Alternatywa Socjalistyczna in the aftermath of 140,000 taking to the streets of Poland against government plans to bring in ban on a woman’s right to choose. As a result of this mass movement it has been forced to beat a retreat, an inspiring achievement.  ...

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Capitalism, climate change and the Anthropecene


The following article by originally published in the December/January 2016 edition of Socialism Today, the magazine of the Socialist Party in England and Wales.  Human beings have radically altered the Earth, adapting nature in the struggle to survive and thrive. The pace of change accelerated rapidly with the development of agriculture and class-based society. It hit breakneck speed in the ...

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Blairite hysteria over “Trotskyist infiltrators”

By Conor Payne The campaign against Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the British Labour Party has led to new attacks from the media and the Blairites on ‘Trotskyism” and the Militant, forerunners of the Socialist Party. Deputy Leader Tom Watson produced a ‘dossier’ on Trotskyist infiltration of the party, claiming that Labour was being taken over by “Trotsky entryists” who are ...

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#KeepCorbyn: Dump the Blairites


By Mick Barry TD An all-out battle is underway for the leadership of the British Labour Party. The challenge to left leader Jeremy Corbyn comes from Owen Smith, who enjoys the support of Blairite MPs and the capitalist establishment. “Rigged purge” The challenge is an attempt at a coup – it has been accompanied by repressive measures. One hundred and ...

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How long can Kenny’s government last?

FG minority government

  By Kevin McLoughlin After the election Enda Kenny strutted around repeating to himself, “I’m still the Taoiseach”. It’s taken two months but now this “emperor” is staggering not strutting, barely wearing a fig leaf and making concessions to Fianna Fáil so they can cobble together a minority government. He’s likely to creep over the finishing line and become the ...

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The Marxist left, the national conflict and the Palestinian struggle

The Israeli separation wall divides the Pisgat Zeev Israeli Settlement, on the left, and the Shuafat Refugee Camp, on the right, outside Jerusalem,  January 25, 2011. Al-Jazeera released leaked documents called the "Palestine Papers" that reveal  that Palestinian negotiators were willing to compromise on the issues of Jerusalem and refugees during peace talks with Israel in 2008.  UPI/Debbie Hill

Article written by members of the Socialist Struggle Movement, the sister organisation of the Socialist Party in Israel-Palestine. The article outlines how the struggle for Palestinian liberation can be won and a just and democratic solution can be achieved on the basis of a common struggle of Palestinian and Jewish working people against Israel’s capitalist regime. The Socialist Struggle Movement ...

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