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Help us fight the attacks by the media and establishment

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The Socialist Party is coming under attack from all the major media outlets, particularly the billionaire owned Independent Newspapers, and the main parties of the wealthy elite in this country. These different sections of the capitalist establishment have a lot of financial resources behind them in waging these attacks. In this context we are asking our supporters to fund our ...

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Abortion ban must go


Statement from ROSA to Coalition to Repeal the 8th Conference. ROSA is an anti-capitalist, pro-choice women’s rights group, that Socialist Party women members initiated and continue to play a very active role in. The sickening treatment of a young, migrant, highly vulnerable rape victim (Ms Y) by this state has to be a spur to re-develop and to spread an ...

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Site recovering from an attack


Our website is currently experiencing some difficulties, as we are recovering from a recent cyber attack. In particular, images previously on the website have been deleted by the attackers. We have recovered from the attack, taken measures to prevent future attacks, and are currently repairing the damage done, but in the meantime images that had been within articles are not accessible. ...

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5 Years since Dell closure in Limerick


Put workers’ livelihoods before super-profits SAVE ALL JOBS AT DELL   “This is not about a company that’s in trouble. This is about greed, corporate greed. They’re going to Poland because apparently they can make an extra 3%” – Sacked Dell Worker (quoted in Associated Press) Like a vulture, having ripped profit out of its workers in Limerick, Dell now ...

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AAA candidate debates against new anti-immigrant party

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The above is a clip from the Tipp Today show on Tipp FM where Anti-Austerity Alliance candidate, and member of the Socialist Party, Cian Prendiville, debates against a representative from a new anti-immigrant party ‘National Independent Party’. The AAA stands for a united movement of all those affected by austerity, and rejects all divisions based on race, nationality, gender or ...

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Limerick AAA Statement on City of Culture

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Call for new, representative committee to run City of Culture events Focus should be celebrating local artists and culture, not corporate ‘rebranding’ Committee should be made up of representatives of the artistic community, cultural groups and broader Limerick public Limerick City East Anti Austerity Alliance (AAA) candidate Derrick Towell, who is a studio member in ARC (Artist Resource Centre) on Lower ...

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Prostitutes facing state harassment in Limerick

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The last months have seen a disgusting campaign of stigmatisation and vilification of prostitutes in Limerick. Local business owners, such as rugby star Jerry Flannery, have taken to local and social media attacking prostitutes in the most vile of language, whilst the Gardai have begun a new policy of taking those selling sex to court to get civil orders banning them from parts of the city associated with on-street prostitution.

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