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Decisive industrial action can end wage restraint

05/08/2013-NEWS-Dublin Bus workers line the road entering into the Dublin Bus Deopt at Phibsboro, Dublin.Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons  /  IRISH TIMES

By Mick Barry TD The government have been forced to retreat on their pay policy by a wave of strikes. Luas drivers, bus workers and teachers have all taken to the picket lines to oppose wage restraint. The mere threat of strike action by Gardai caused extreme jitters at the Cabinet table. The government were forced to make more than ...

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Q&A: What’s behind the US Presidential results?


With the election of Donald Trump, a racist, misogynistic, ignorant, demagogic billionaire occupies the most powerful office in the world. Here CONOR PAYNE and EDDIE MCCABE look at some of the most pressing issues and questions that arise as a result. How could Trump have won if he was one of the most hated candidate in US history? This was ...

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US: Deeply damaged, the two parties limp towards the finish line


The country is “slouching towards the mutual assured destruction of our political system.” – William S. Cohen, former secretary of defence under Bill Clinton In this election between the two least popular presidential candidates in modern history, whoever wins tomorrow will enter office facing unprecedented levels of popular hostility. Hillary still holds a narrow lead in most polls. But, with ...

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Sean Fitzpatrick trial: Jury selection of a different kind


By Councillor Matt Waine On 3 October, the various defendants in the Jobstown trial, accused of falsely imprisoning then Tainaiste and Labour leader, Joan Burton, were assembling outside the Central Criminal Courts when who skips by, only Seanie Fitzpatrick on his way to plead not guilty to the charges of 21 counts of giving false or misleading information. Of course ...

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Invest in free education: No loan schemes, no fees!


By Megan Oglesby Since 2008, the Irish third level education system has been greatly suffering, with cuts to university funding approximating to a cumulative €600 million over the years of recession and austerity. As a result of this, students were forced to foot the bill with the average annual registration fees growing to €3000 per annum, and student grants offering ...

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The failed “American dream”- Support rising for socialism in The US


The following article is from the Summer issue of Socialist Alternative, the magazine of the Socialist Party.  Decades of neo-liberalism, years of costly foreign wars and a financial bust have created unprecedented levels of social inequality in the world’s dominant capitalist nation. Katia Hancke looks at how these conditions are giving rise to new popular movements and a growing interest ...

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#Corbynwins and building a socialist alternative

Corbyn victory

In the wake of Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election to the Labour leadership, spoke to Sarah Sachs-Eldridge (National Organiser of the Socialist Party in England & Wales) about the lessons of the last year and how the fight for an anti-austerity alternative can be taken forward.  Despite massive attacks, Corbyn has been re-elected leader with an increased majority. Why has this ...

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#Corbynwins: What next after failed Blairite coup?


Editorial from the October edition of Socialism Today, the monthly magazine of the Socialist Party in England and Wales, on Jeremy Corbyn’s victory against the failed coup mounted by the right wing of the British Labour Party.  Three months ago 172 MPs – three quarters of the Parliamentary Labour Party – launched a coup against Jeremy Corbyn. They have been ...

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Review: The Life and Death of Leon Trotsky


Trotsky was one of the 20th century’s key figures: co-leader of the Russian revolution and tireless fighter against Stalin’s counter-revolution. Assassinated in 1940, he defended the ideas of democratic socialism to the end – against both capitalist exploitation and Stalinist dictatorship. The timely republication of an important biography is a chance for a new generation to discover what Trotsky stood ...

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