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Britain: Corbyn victory!

Corbyn victory

Below is a statement by Socialist Party’s sister party in England and Wales on the victory of Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour leadership election.  This is a historic moment. Nothing will be the same again. For decades Westminster politics has meant nothing but right-wing, pro-big business politics. A handful of left Labour MPs like Jeremy Corbyn voted against austerity, war ...

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Is prostitution a human right?

In Germany more than one million men buy sex every day

By Katia Hancke Amnesty International has recently declared that “prostitution is a human right”. Amnesty are just the latest in a growing number of institutions, prominent individuals and even states who are influenced by the pressure to normalise the sex industry, an agenda ultimately pushed by and serving the interests of pimps and a growing global multi-billion dollar business. The ...

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Jeremy Corbyn, Northern Ireland & building a working class alternative


By Kevin Henry The rise of Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour leadership contest marks a very welcome political upheaval in British society. It is a clear rebuff to the idea that society has moved to the right and that the austerity agenda has mass support. Enthusiasm for anti-austerity message Over 50,000 have attended his rallies and hundreds of thousands have ...

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US: Bernie Sanders’ campaign taps into growing radicalisation

Bernie Sanders artilce

By Lea Vallence The campaign of Bernie Sanders in the US presidential election is getting a lot of attention internationally because of the momentum it is gaining. Sanders, the only self-proclaimed socialist in the US Senate, is putting forward a series of radical arguments which is attracting a lot of support amongst young people and large layers of working-class people. ...

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