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What is Socialism?

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    The socialist alternative to G8 tyranny

    Not since its 2001 meeting in Genoa, which saw 200,000 protesters take to the streets has the G8 dared to meet in an area accessible to protesters. However remote a place they choose, they are met by protesters opposed to austerity, war and environmental destruction, but what is clear is that protesting is not enough. We need to build an alternative that is in the interest of the 99% not the dictatorial rule of the 1% – a socialist alternative.

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    Fight for a socialist society!

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    Answering common questions – Socialism FAQs

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Death on the Rock of Gibraltar – 20 years since SAS killing of three IRA volunteers

It is twenty years since the execution style killing by the SAS of three IRA members in Gibraltar. In Northern Ireland these deaths sparked a brief but particularly bloody upsurge in violence. Over the next thirteen days a series of attacks involving the army, the IRA and loyalist paramilitaries left a further eight people dead and 68 injured.

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not for sale

Privatisation: Capitalism’s great theft

In the Early Modern age, millions of acres of common land in Britain were seized by the aristocracy by force in what became known as "the enclosures", writes Ciaran Mulholland.

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water charges small blue

Water charges struggle: The lessons for today

Water charges were strongly resisted throughout the country since 1983. In the end it was the intense battle waged in Dublin for three years which resulted in their abolition in 1996. There were many facets of this campaign but this article will try to outline the key lessons that can be learned and on that basis pose the tasks facing the new movement against refuse charges.

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5 Years since Dell closure in Limerick

Put workers’ livelihoods before super-profits SAVE ALL JOBS AT DELL   “This ...

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