Monthly Archives: July 2019

U.S. Women’s Soccer Fights Sexism and Discrimination

By Maddie Grover (member of Socialist Alternative, sister party of the Socialist Party) The U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT) is suing the U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF) for unequal compensation and lesser working conditions, compared to the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team (USMNT). In previous years, the team has attempted to negotiate a fair wage and better treatment into their ...

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Explosive protests rock Hong Kong

By Adam Dudley On one side stand a sea of peaceful protesters struggling in defence of democratic rights. On the other, the ranks of Hong Kong’s repressive state apparatus armed with rubber bullets and tear gas, deployed by Hong Kong’s executive and bolstered by the encouragement from the Chinese dictatorship and their media. That epic face-off and inevitable collision has ...

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Capitalism: Burning the planet for profit

By Keishia Taylor Who causes the climate crisis? Twenty five companies are responsible for more than half of the entire world’s greenhouse gas emissions since 1988! In a greenwashing frenzy, companies are falling over themselves to create an image of sustainability and tackling climate change, while acting in the interests of profit, not our planet. We need to take the ...

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Spanish State: ‘Wolfpack’ rapists convicted by Supreme Court

By John Hird, member of the Committee for a Workers International (CWI- the international socialist organisation to which the Socialist Party in Ireland is affiliated to) In an important victory for the mass feminist movement, the Spanish supreme court has increased the convictions in the Pamplona ‘Wolf Pack’ case to 15 years imprisonment for the five guilty men. It also ...

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