Monthly Archives: January 2018

Free Ahed Tamimi: Courageous fighter against Israeli oppression

By Oisin Kelly The arrest of 16 year-old Ahed Tamimi and her 21 year old cousin Nur Tamimi following a confrontation with an Israeli soldier has caught global attention and once again highlighted the brutality of the Israeli State’s occupation of Palestine. They confronted the soldiers and challenged them about their presence in the courtyard of their home following the ...

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Iran rocked by mass protests

Sudden largescale nationwide protests have shaken Iran. Sections of the masses have shown utter defiance of the regime. Youth, facing unemployment estimated to be between 25% and 40%, have particularly been to the fore. The protests, initially against the rise in prices and corruption, almost immediately developed into fighting and clashes with security forces with a mounting death toll. In ...

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