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Review: “Dublin Old School” by Emmet Kirwan

Dublin Old School

Review by Darragh O’Dwyer Written and performed by Emmet Kirwan alongside Love/Hate’s Ian Lloyd Anderson, Dublin Oldschool is a two man show that soberly takes the audience on a drug-addled misadventure. Jason (Kirwan), a wannabe DJ whose ambitions seem to be constantly dashed by his tortured relationship with the ‘sesh’, bounces about to the city’s rhythms that blast from its ...

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The arts in Ireland: Starved of funding

Arts funding

By Síofra NicLiam In 2016, the Fringe festival featured a wide variety of shows, including “RIOT”, where Emmet Kirwan performed his, now viral, spoken word piece “Heartbreak”, telling the story of a young working class mother, along with other politically fuelled pieces. Other plays portrayed a punk rock gig that showed the financially driven interests of property developers, the psychological ...

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United States: A socialist strategy to defeat Trump


Article by Seattle Council Member and Socialist Alternative (sister organisation of the Socialist Party  in the US) member Kshama Sawant on where next in the battle against the Trump regime. Originally published on  Donald Trump and his bigoted, billionaires-club administration have ignited a social explosion unlike any that has ever greeted an incoming US president. The White House’s series ...

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Maurice McCabe smear campaign: Rotten state exposed


By Conor Payne The revelations about the smear campaign against Maurice McCabe have lifted the lid on the workings of the tops of the Gardai and the establishment as a whole. Despite talk of incompetence and ‘administrative errors’ the reality is clear: the tops of the Gardaí acted consciously to discredit a whistleblower with false allegations of child sexual abuse. ...

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Romania: Biggest street protests since 1989

Romania protests

Mass street protests erupted at the end of January in several Romanian cities over the plans of the new social-democratic government to pass two executive orders that would weaken the anti-corruption legislation. The protests reached their peak this week, on Wednesday, with approximately 400,000 people taking the streets across the country in the biggest mass demonstrations since the Revolution. Despite ...

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1917: How socialist revolution inspired Irish workers

Russian Revolution

By Manus Lenihan In September 1921 the workers at the port of Cork city went on strike. They occupied the port and Bob Day, the union organiser, addressed the strikers as “Friends, comrades and Bolsheviks.” Day went on to explain what he meant by the word “Bolshevik”: a desire “that the bottom dog should go up and the top dog ...

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Universal basic income – what do socialists say?

UBI phot

By Judy Beishon, Socialist Party (England and Wales) The idea of welfare benefits being replaced by a ‘universal basic income’ (UBI) has resurfaced in recent years – a welcome discussion because it raises the fundamental right of everyone to have an income that meets their basic needs. Exact proposals vary but they are all based on the idea of everyone ...

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Backward ideas hold back essential HIV drugs


By Thomas White Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) is a new pill that prevents those who are at risk from contracting the HIV virus. It contains two medicines that are also used to treat HIV. If you take PrEP and are exposed to HIV through sex or injection drug use these medicines can work to keep the virus from taking hold in ...

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The “fake news” hysteria in the US

Fake news

By George Martin Fell Brown, Socialist Alternative in the US Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election signifies a war on workers, on women, on immigrants, on LGBTQ people and racial minorities. But for some, it signifies a war on truth itself. The Oxford English Dictionary has gone so far as to name “post-truth” it’s word of the year ...

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Ruth Coppinger TD on the Sexual Offences Bill

Ruth Coppinger

Statement from AAA TD and Socialist Party member Ruth Coppinger on the Sexual Offences Bill. The Sexual Offences Bill that has passed through the Dáil makes numerous important and progressive legal changes, including: updating the law to deal with internet-related forms of child abuse and child sex tourism; improving the laws on statutory rape; introducing harassment orders to prevent sex ...

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