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Capitalism, climate change and the Anthropecene


The following article by originally published in the December/January 2016 edition of Socialism Today, the magazine of the Socialist Party in England and Wales.  Human beings have radically altered the Earth, adapting nature in the struggle to survive and thrive. The pace of change accelerated rapidly with the development of agriculture and class-based society. It hit breakneck speed in the ...

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#Corbynwins and building a socialist alternative

Corbyn victory

In the wake of Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election to the Labour leadership, spoke to Sarah Sachs-Eldridge (National Organiser of the Socialist Party in England & Wales) about the lessons of the last year and how the fight for an anti-austerity alternative can be taken forward.  Despite massive attacks, Corbyn has been re-elected leader with an increased majority. Why has this ...

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Bloody Sunday: Real accounting with the past needed


By Kevin Henry The events of Bloody Sunday in January 1972 – when British paratroopers shot dead 14 unarmed people taking part in a civil rights march in Derry – was one of the most horrific and defining moments of the Troubles. This brutal act of repression had the effect of pushing thousands of young people into the dead-end of the IRA’s ...

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US: Colin Kaepernick’s stance against racism spreads


When Colin Kaepernick began his protest against racial injustice by kneeling during the national anthem at NFL football games it is unlikely he realized the scale of the impact it would have. Already, this protest has spread like wildfire through the NFL, high school, and college athletics and launched a new wave of discussion around Black Lives Matter in society. ...

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#Corbynwins: What next after failed Blairite coup?


Editorial from the October edition of Socialism Today, the monthly magazine of the Socialist Party in England and Wales, on Jeremy Corbyn’s victory against the failed coup mounted by the right wing of the British Labour Party.  Three months ago 172 MPs – three quarters of the Parliamentary Labour Party – launched a coup against Jeremy Corbyn. They have been ...

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Review: The Life and Death of Leon Trotsky


Trotsky was one of the 20th century’s key figures: co-leader of the Russian revolution and tireless fighter against Stalin’s counter-revolution. Assassinated in 1940, he defended the ideas of democratic socialism to the end – against both capitalist exploitation and Stalinist dictatorship. The timely republication of an important biography is a chance for a new generation to discover what Trotsky stood ...

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Blairite hysteria over “Trotskyist infiltrators”

By Conor Payne The campaign against Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the British Labour Party has led to new attacks from the media and the Blairites on ‘Trotskyism” and the Militant, forerunners of the Socialist Party. Deputy Leader Tom Watson produced a ‘dossier’ on Trotskyist infiltration of the party, claiming that Labour was being taken over by “Trotsky entryists” who are ...

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Apple tax scam, Jobstown- We need a party for the class struggles ahead


By Kevin McLoughlin With a straight face, Enda Kenny says he is appealing the Apple judgement in the public interest. It is speculated that five or six other multinationals operating in Ireland are also being investigated. If the back tax figure for Apple is €19 billion, how much was robbed altogether from the public – in the public interest? Defending ...

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#KeepCorbyn: Dump the Blairites


By Mick Barry TD An all-out battle is underway for the leadership of the British Labour Party. The challenge to left leader Jeremy Corbyn comes from Owen Smith, who enjoys the support of Blairite MPs and the capitalist establishment. “Rigged purge” The challenge is an attempt at a coup – it has been accompanied by repressive measures. One hundred and ...

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