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Funeral arrangements for comrade Colm Halpin

Colm Halpin

Colm’s cremation Service will be on MONDAY AFTERNOON at 3.30PM in VICTORIAN CHAPEL, MOUNT JEROME CEMETERY HAROLD’S CROSS. All comrades are very welcome and invited to attend to celebrate Colm’s life and contribution to our movement.

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Comrade Colm Halpin 1950 – 2016

Colm Halpin

It is with great sadness that we bring the news of the passing of comrade Colm Halpin. Colm died today in St Francis Hospice, Raheny, surrounded by comrades. He had been suffering from  cancer, very bravely borne. Colm had a history of three full decades as a revolutionary socialist activist. He joined Militant the forerunner of the Socialist Party in ...

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Austria: Far right candidate loses narrowly on Presidency

Austrian election

By Sonja Grusch Since Saturday 23 April, a series of physical earthquakes have shaken Austria. But the most significant was the political earthquake resulting from the 24 April first round of the presidential elections. Norbert Hofer, the candidate of the far right, FPÖ (Freedom Party), led with over 35% of the vote. Far behind that, with 21.3%, came the favourite of ...

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Brazil: Dilma’s fall unleashes anti-working class offensive

Sign reads "This minority doesn't represent us".

A new stage in the class struggle has opened in Brazil. The country is living through the deepest economic and social crisis in its history. Together with this, a massive political crisis has arisen. This flows from the undemocratic manoeuvres of the traditional right and big capital against workers’ rights. At the same time, it is the product of the ...

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French workers and young people fight anti-worker labour law

French labour law

By Clare Doyle France’s ‘Socialist’ president – Francois Hollande – has this week taken the fight over the country’s labour law to a new level. After months of protests and demonstrations, the bill was heading for defeat in the National Assembly. Nearly 5,000 amendments had been submitted and at least 40 parliamentarians were going to vote against it, including 20 ...

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Capitalism: A failing system

US capitalism

A new book, The Rise and Fall of American Growth, analyses the downward course of the US economy – and the limits of the whole capitalist system. From the boom years to today’s slow growth and stagnant wages, the obscene wealth at the top and company cash piles, to capitalism’s inability to harness new technology fully. It all points to ...

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A racist, sexist, billionaire, demagogue: How Trump can be stopped


By Conor Payne The rise of Donald Trump in the Republican Presidential Primary has been watched with horror by millions in the US and around the world. Trump is standing on a platform of open bigotry. From describing Mexican immigrants as ‘rapists’, his plan to ban muslims from entering the US, his call for women who have abortions to face ...

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Hilary Clinton: Candidate of war, Wall Street & Walmart

Hilary Clinton

By Aprille Scully Hillary Clinton’s bid to become to the first woman President has resulted in calls for progressively minded workers and young people across the US to support her. The latter in particular, and significantly young women, have rejected this and instead have supported the candidacy of Bernie Sanders. Several opinions have tried to deduce how this could be. ...

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Why Sanders must stand as an independent

Sanders rally

It is evident that the (un)Democratic Party has done whatever it thought necessary to block Bernie Sanders from gaining the presidential nomination and to stem the grassroots movement intent on challenging the billionaire class that has developed around his campaign, writes Emma Quinn. Despite national polls continually showing Bernie Sanders with the highest favourability rating of all presidential candidates it ...

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