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Stampede of non-payment can finish off Irish Water

water protest

By Mick Barry TD Support for the boycott of water charges is set to surge in the aftermath of the general election increasing pressure on any potential government to abolish both the charge and Irish Water itself. Pressure on political establishment Water charges became a major issue in the election with pro-water charges parties shocked by the depth of feeling ...

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Replace Labour with a real Left

Ruth Coppinger photo

By Cllr.­ Cian Prendiville The Labour Party was founded by socialists such as Connolly and Larkin to give an independent political voice for workers, women and young people in the fight against the super-rich and their political puppets. It has not only broken every election promise and breached every principle, it has betrayed the very purpose for which it was ...

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Sinn Féin’s message fails to inspire


By Finghín Kelly Many of those voting Sinn Féin in the recent election did so in the belief that the party represented a challenge to the status quo and the establishment. After the election Gerry Adams even made the claim that Sinn Féin were “the main party representing working people”. Accepting neo-liberalism In the debate about ‘fiscal space’ Sinn Féin ...

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Unprecedented polarisation in US elections

Trump protest

By Eddie McCabe Extraordinary things are happening in the race for the presidency in the US. The once impervious two-party system that defines politics in the US is being convulsed from within, as mass social inequality and polarisation in society has seen unprecedented momentum generated for two candidates outside of both political establishments, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Sanders’ political ...

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This rotten system must go- Join the socialists today

Troika protest Greece

By Laura Fitzgerald “Accumulation of wealth at one pole is… at the same time accumulation of misery, agony of toil, slavery, ignorance, brutality, mental degradation, at the opposite pole” – Karl Marx The richest 1% global elite own more wealth than the other 99% of the world’s population. Let’s reflect on that for a moment. There has never, in the ...

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The 1916 Rising- Lessons for today

1916 rebellion

Below is the edited text of an article on the 1916 rising that appears in the latest edition of “The Socialist”, the monthly paper of the Socialist Party. We will be producing a lengthier analysis of this period of Irish history in a forthcoming booklet.  By Cillian Gillespie This weekend will mark the centenary of the Easter 1916 rising against ...

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Polarisation grows in US Presidential elections

Bernie Sanders artilce

Article by members of Socialist Alternative, the sister organisation of the Socialist Party in the US, on the Bernie Sanders’ challenge and how a new party for the 99% can be built. Bernie Sander’s political revolution will be strangled if it remains imprisoned within the corporate-controlled Democratic Party. Sanders needs to run all the way through November and lay the ...

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The real ideas of James Connolly

James Connolly

The following article was written by Peter Hadden (who sadly passed away in May 2010) on the 90th anniversary of the Easter Rising and death of James Connolly. The article explores Connolly’s socialist ideas and analysis and his role as a workers leader and socialist organiser in Scotland, the US and Ireland. IN 1910 JAMES CONNOLLY concluded his pamphlet, Labour, ...

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Mental health crisis- Action needed now

mental health

By Ciaran Mulholland Our health care system is in crisis. This is most clearly illustrated by the many hundreds waiting on trolleys in Accident and Emergency Departments every weekend, and by the long waiting lists for planned surgery. Another aspect of the crisis is the poor service received by those with mental health conditions such as depression. Lacks of services ...

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