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Collusion: The British state’s dirty war

Dublin Monaghan bombing

By Daniel Waldron Recent documentaries have once again thrown light upon the murky world of collusion between the British state and paramilitaries in Northern Ireland during the Troubles. According to a report by Lord Stevens, State forces ran thousands of agents within both loyalist and republican groups, some of whom became – in the words of former Police Ombudsman Nuala ...

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EU referendum: “OXI” to a bankers’ Europe


By Ciaran Mulholland Tory Prime Minister David Cameron has pledged to hold an “in-out” referendum on the European Union (EU) in Britain and Northern Ireland by the end of 2017. His preference is to hold the referendum in 2016 if possible, depending on the outcome of negotiations with the other 27 countries in the EU. It is clear that he ...

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Organised left force or disparate Independents?


By Laura Fitzgerald “Independents / Others” are consistently featuring in the polls on an equivalent or stronger basis than some traditional parties of the establishment (a Red C poll in late June 2015 had Independents/Others at 23%). This turn away from the traditional parties reflects a historic political crisis for the establishment. The ‘independent’ banner is attractive as it intimates ...

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Britain: Right wing rattled by Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn

“Jeremy Corbyn ‘on course to come top’ in the Labour leadership election” declared the New Statesman on 15 July, 2015. Following leaked polling which suggested that Corbyn was ahead of all three of his Blairite rivals, the Daily Telegraph published an article on how its readers could ‘doom’ Labour by paying the nominal £3 fee to become a Labour supporter ...

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One year on from massacre: End the siege of Gaza

Part of the horrific destruction of Gaza

By Cillian Gillespie Last summer we watched in horror and disgust as the Israeli state launched yet another murderous assault on the besieged people of Gaza; a population of 1.8 million living in the world’s largest open air prison. “Mowing the lawn in Gaza” Statistics can’t give us a full sense of the scale of horror and human suffering visited ...

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Lone parents face cuts & insults

Lone parents

By Katia Hancke “This was introduced because the existing arrangements were leaving many lone parents in insecure part-time jobs” – Richard Bruton to a working lone parent. So, as anyone living in the real world knows, raising kids is not easy. And raising kids on your own is definitely not easy. Seven years of austerity have made it even harder: ...

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Discrimination written into law: Section 37 must go!

Section 37

By Oisin Kelly Following the strong Yes vote in the Marriage Equality referendum all teachers can now marry their partners, but some could get disciplined or sacked for it. Under Section 37 of the Employment Equality Act workers in education and health can be fired, not hired or marginalised at work if their sexual orientation, gender identity or family status ...

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