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Trade unions & Sinn Féin: Dangerous times

SF 2015

“We publish below an article originally printed in the northern March edition of The Socialist newspaper. Recent comments by trade union leaders, claiming that Sinn Fein are “anti-austerity” rings hollow when spoken at the same time that public sector workers are engaged in a struggle against savage Assembly cuts, including those imposed by Sinn Fein ministers. These statements also threaten ...

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Israel: Netanyahu mobilises far right to win election

Israel election

By Yasha Marmer, Socialist Struggle Movement (Sister organisation of the Socialist Party in Israel-Palestine) “The rule of the right-wing is in danger. Arab voters are heading to the polling stations en masse. Left-wing NGOs are bringing them in buses”. This bluntly racist statement was published during polling day by no other than Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The statement was a peak ...

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Alan Kelly’s bluster will be met with solid boycott


AAA – Alan Kelly’s bluster will be met with solid boycott and the sinking of Irish Water & government o No penalties or court cases until after General Election o Private Members Motion will give government last opportunity to scrap water charges before boycott sinks them and Irish Water o Anti-Austerity Alliance success & rapid growth show working class people ...

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Controversy over Newry Play Park

Newry play park

In 2001, a childrens’ play park in Newry was named after hunger striker Raymond McCreesh. The move remains intensely controversial to this day. In recent weeks sectarian politicians from Sinn Fein and the unionist parties have clashed repeatedly in the council chamber, on the airways and in the press on the issue.

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Capitalist profiteering is destroying our planet


The world is hurtling towards environmental disaster. In the words of prominent American climate scientist, James Hansen climate change has brought us to the "precipice of a great “tipping point” where we are facing the prospect of the earth transitioning into “a different planet” in terms of climate and environment.

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The State – a tool to defend the rule of the 1%


The Occupy movement that began in the US in 2011 coined the terms, the 1% and the 99%. The movement was evocatively referring to the existence of a ruling class, encapsulated in the term the 1% a – the super-rich elite that owns and controls the key global wealth, resources and means of production.

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TTIP: A charter to increase corporate power

TTIP protest

By Manus Lenihan Imagine if working class people in Ireland forced the government to abolish water charges and bring the water services under public control again. Imagine if, in the meantime, various multinational corporations had come in and taken over parts of the water services for themselves. Protecting corporate profits Under the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), these companies ...

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Stormont faces crisis over welfare reform


Only weeks after the “historic” Stormont House Agreement, the Assembly Executive hit another bump in the road, with Sinn Féin withdrawing support for the programme of attacks of benefits known as welfare “reform”.

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