Monthly Archives: February 2015

The inspiring victory that buried Thatcher

By Sean Malone In 1987 Margret Thatcher had wielded the axe of austerity for almost a decade by drastically cutting social expenditure and privatising public services. Militant, forerunner to the Socialist Party, recognised that the poll tax was a generalised attack on working class and poor that could act like a lightning rod for united struggle against Thatcher’s-pro rich polices ...

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Vultures make a killing on NAMA property

By Diana O’Dwyer A little noted feature of the so-called ‘recovery’ from the banking and property crash is the sell-off of residential and commercial property to international capitalist investors. Typically enough, the impact on the former property-owners and -occupiers has varied enormously, in accordance with their power and wealth and influence over government policy. There was never any bailout for ...

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Only 47% register with Irish water

Press Statement: Anti-Austerity Alliance (2nd February 2015) CSO & EPA studies show Irish Water understating by 260,000 the number of houses which need to register · Irish Water refuse to reply to information supplied to them by AAA despite give assurances they would by last Friday · Registration figures if taken at face value are a disaster for Irish Water. ...

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