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Vote Yes and fight all homophobic laws


By Conor Payne The most recent opinion poll shows an enormous 76% support for the upcoming referendum on marriage equality. While this should not lead activists to be complacent – there will be a major campaign by the Catholic right to sow confusion and play on backward ideas – it does show a sea change in attitudes to LGBT people ...

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Water charges: Mass non-payment is key to victory

water protest

By David Vallely With the New Year upon us, a new phase in the water charges struggle has begun. It is clear that the Government intends to wait out the anger and hopes that momentum will drip from the movement now that the legislation has been passed into law. Non-payment is essential We are only four bills away – at ...

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Joe Higgins on the politics of right-wing populism


By Joe Higgins TD A General Election looms. It cannot be delayed beyond April of next year. However, with mass mobilisations against water charges and austerity, the Fine Gael/Labour Coalition government was shown to have clumsy feet of clay and there is no certainty that it will survive until next year especially if there is a renewed upsurge of anger ...

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The deadly legacy of health cuts

ii INMO Nurses protest D_9 (Read-Only)

By Michael O’Brien Back in August I was given a glimpse of the developing crisis situation in Beaumont Hospital when at the invitation of a member of staff I was taken on a tour pointing out the various stresses the system was being put under. The bad situation in A&E goes without saying but on that particular day the main ...

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Blog from Athens: Paul Murphy on Syriza victory

Syriza victory

The ideological wall saying ‘There Is No Alternative’ to austerity has been decisively breached. In so doing, they have blown a breath of fresh air across Europe – giving hope in Ireland, Spain, Portugal and elsewhere that the austerity nightmare can be brought to an end.

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The Revolutionary Legacy of Malcolm X


By Eljeer Hawkins “The centerpiece of Malcolm’s political project was to internationalise the condition of Black peoples in the United States.”  Sohail Daulatzai, Black Star, Crescent Moon: The Muslim International and Black Freedom beyond America, p.36 This February marks the fiftieth anniversary of the public assassination of Malcolm X. In the shadow of the nationwide revolt against endemic police violence, ...

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Greece: Prospect of Syriza victory raises workers’ hopes

665Greece Elections

It’s generally accepted here and internationally that Syriza will win. In the last week there is a small increase for Syriza in the opinion polls – of about 1%. Really this is a stabilisation of Syriza’s lead. Including abstentions, Syriza’s support stands around 25-27%, discounting these it rises to about 30-33% – close to, but not sufficient for, a majority government.

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Horrific terror attacks in Paris

Charlie Hebdo killing

By Cillian Gillespie The first week of January witnessed horror on the streets of Paris with the horrific killing of twelve people in the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, a police officer and four Jewish people in a kosher shop two days later. These inexcusable criminal attacks must be unreservedly condemned. They have shocked and horrified working class ...

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