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Telling the story of the Visteon Occupation


John Maguire was the Unite the Union Convenor at the Visteon plant in Belfast before it closed in 2009. He played a leading role in the occupation of the plant which secured better redundancy packages for the workers. He has now written a play about the occupation which is due to premiere in Belfast in November. Here, John speaks to about his upcoming play.

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Africa: Can Africa throw capitalism a lifeline?


"It is my firm belief that Africa represents the next global economic frontier, and I am not alone in that assessment." So said Johnnie Carson, assistant secretary of state for African Affairs, to the US House foreign sub-committee on African Affairs on 17 April 2012. Carson is not alone in expressing growing optimism about Africa. As he also noted, the World Bank’s projection of economic growth rates for Africa during the next two years is between 5% and 6%. This exceeds the figures expected for Latin America, Central Asia or Europe.

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Britain: After the 20 October TUC mass demonstrations


Trade unionists have demonstrated their determination to defend jobs and services. The overwhelming mood on marches in London, Glasgow and Belfast was that further, more militant action is required to fight back against and defeat the Con-Dem coalition’s savage cut-backs. assesses the situation, and the tasks ahead for the workers’ movement in Britain.

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State also responsible for Pyrite Crisis


A three hour debate in the Dail yesterday once again highlighted the awful legacy left to thousands of homeowners in this State from a blatant failure to implement proper building regulations in the construction of homes during the property bubble era. Yesterday it was the creeping destruction caused by pyrite that was in focus but much reference was made also to those homeowners, such as the residents of Priory Hall on Dublin’s north side, who are living with the agony of being forced out of their homes which are serious fire hazards because the fire safety regulations were not implemented during construction.

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Mobilise to stop EU Israel protocol


Next week, the European Parliament in Strasbourg will vote on a Protocol to the EU-Israel Association Agreement (officially known as the “Euro-Mediterranean Agreement establishing an association between the European Community and its Member States and the State of Israel”). If passed, this Protocol on “Conformity Assessment and Acceptance of Industrial Products” (link here) would represent an upgrading of trade relations between the EU and Israel and would give a green light from the EU to Israel to continue with its oppression of Palestinians.

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Solidarity & protest for those summonsed to court


Tens of thousands of householders have received their third threatening letter from a local authority with the warning that they are liable to be summonsed to appear in court if they do not pay their household tax and register within 10 days of receiving the letter.

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March against austerity 24 November!


Between 1 October and Budget Day, €2.9 billion will have been handed over to parasite bondholders. That will bring the total amount of money given to bondholders this year to €19,911,338,474. Then, on that day, Minister Noonan will stand up in the Dail and announce a further €3.5 billion worth of cuts and extra taxes.

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Why I joined the Socialist Party


Joining the Socialist Party was an easy decision for me to make. Faced with the same bleak reality as countless others around me - mass unemployment, cuts to education, graduates unable to find employment, and imprisoned in the precarious position of surviving off of one hundred euro a week - I decided to draw a line in the sand.

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EU: New radical suggestions of ‘austerity contracts’


A new interim report, entitled 'Towards a Genuine Economic and Monetary Union' was circulated by the President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy. This will be discussed at this week's European Council meeting. Here, the true vision of a fiscal and political union of the European establishments is made clear. It is a vision long on austerity and extremely short on democracy.

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