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Britain: Con-Dems to blame for anger of youth

The four days of riots that followed the shooting dead of Mark Duggan by the police in Tottenham sent a massive wave of shock across the country. "Over the last few days the state has lost control of England’s streets" was the panic ridden comment of the Financial Times. Five people tragically died, over 100 people lost their homes and over 48,000 shops, pubs, clubs and restaurants were affected in 28 town centres.

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Release Brendan Lillis

Brendan Lillis is a West Belfast man who is currently imprisoned in Maghaberry Prison despite a campaign that he be released on compassionate grounds. At the time of writing it has been reported that he has been moved from prison to an outside hospital, but he remains a prisoner.

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Capitalism uncovered

Ha-Joon Chang exposes today’s rapacious capitalism, dominated by finance and driven by short-term profit maximisation. He provides a devastating critique of the ideology of ‘free-market’ economics. But while pointing to fundamental contradictions of the system, Chang draws back from a real alternative. reviews "23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism".

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Riots: The ‘mindless’ media and establishment ignore the root cause

Here Paul Murphy MEP looks at the youth riots sweeping Britain, and the disgraceful way the media and political establishment have reported and responded to the events. He investigates the underlying reasons, ways to solve the causes of this outburst, and what lessons it has for left and socialist activists in Ireland.

This article is taken from Paul Murphy's blog. Read it, share it, and subscribe.

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World Economy: Capitalist leaders desperate to calm turmoil

As their system continues to slide into its worst crisis since the 1930s, the frantic efforts of world capitalist leaders to reverse the process are farcical, contradictory and ineffective. “Is anyone in control? Is this a runaway train?” asked a presenter on a British news programme on Monday evening - the day Wall Street crashed by 6% and markets everywhere plummeted.

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Britain: Inner cities erupt

"The scenes of despair and explosions of anger like those of 1981 will be back on our streets. "Deprived areas of major cities - if not the central areas, then the ’banlieus’ or outskirts as in France - will be the scene of new conflagrations." This is the warning that the Socialist Party gave just four months ago, in our article on the anniversary of the Brixton riots. This morning thousands of people have woken up to the devastation of their communities.

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