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Queen Elizabeth and Barrack Obama: No welcome for war leaders

queen obama

The Socialist Party is opposed to the visits to Ireland by Queen Elizabeth and Barrack Obama. €25 million will be spent wining, dining and protecting the Queen and Obama in a vain attempt to try to rebuild Ireland’s damaged reputation. The reputation of the Irish state was of course destroyed by the actions of the Irish capitalist class whose greed, corruption and unquestioning faith in the market has bankrupted the country.

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Build the ULA, build the fight back!


It’s just two months into this new Dail and the character of the new government is clear. Its the same as the old one, kneels before the ditaks of the EU/IMF, with the Labour Party in particular, arrogantly lecturing working class people to accept austerity cuts. As someone on the radio said, "Same circus, just different clowns!"

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€nough! Referendum campaign: How can we defeat austerity?

enough campaign

With billions more going into the banks and the privatisation of semi states combined with cuts in the number of public sector jobs on the agenda, it is clear that this government is starting where Fianna Fail and the Greens left off. During the recent election while there was much talk of re-negotiating the EU/IMF deal it is evident now that both Fine Gael and Labour are committed to its implementation.

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Rossport rape-tape scandal exposes Gardai


Joe Higgins, Socialist Party TD, when condemning the reprehensible nature of the distressingly misogynistic remarks caught on tape of Gardai speaking about female protesters against Shell in Mayo, said the comments were reminiscent of those of a foreign, oppressive occupying force.

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Socialist Party TDs salute CPSU delegates


Responding to the recent vote by CPSU delegates at their Annual Delegate Conference in Athlone to refuse to back the Croke Park deal which they voted against in huge numbers last year Clare Daly TD, Socialist Party/ULA, Dublin North said:

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No more conciliation we need opposition!


Since 2008, secondary school teachers and their students have been under attack and made into one of the scapegoats for the woes of society by the government and the media. Net wages have been savagely cut by up to 25%, work load has been drastically increased, class sizes have been detrimentally increased, funding for special needs obliterated, ill discipline within ...

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Socialist challenge in Northern elections

graphic assembly cuts small

On May 5, people in the North will turn out to vote in elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly and local councils. The backdrop to these elections will be the passing of a four year budget containing enormous cuts to public services, privatisation of state assets and wage cuts for public sector workers.

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