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Laois/Offaly: Ray Fitzpatrick

Laois/Offaly: Ray Fitzpatrick

We’ve had 90 years of capitalist administration, under the different management teams of Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Labour, PD’s and the Greens.

While Fine Gael and Labour opportunistically opposed the budget in December they since have cynically connived with the government to ensure the Finance Bill, which enshrines the austerity cuts were rammed through before the election.

They all demanded a Yes for Lisbon claiming it would bring Jobs and Financial Stability. Ray Fitzpatrick was central in the fight against the Lisbon Treaty in Laois/Offaly, highlighting the lies of the €urocrats.

We got mass unemployment instead of jobs and €70 billion of bankers’ debt. Now they are asking you to trust them again.Vote for Ray Fitzpatrick and the Socialist Party/United Left Alliance based on their record of fighting for working people. If elected Ray will be part of a strong block of United Left Alliance TDs committed to fighting for you.

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