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Cork North Central: Mick Barry

Cork North Central: Mick Barry

Cllr. Mick Barry is a proven fighter for the rights of working class people. He was the key organiser of the 3,000-strong protest in Cork city in 2008 to defend medical cards for the over 70s.

He was jailed for his opposition to bin charges. As Cork co-ordinator of the Campaign for a Real Public Health Service he has led large protests against A&E cuts at the Mercy Hospital and the threat to close the Orthopaedic   Hospital. Mick also led opposition in Cork North Central to both Lisbon     referenda.

Mick Barry has provided a socialist opposition to the Fianna Fail/ Fine Gael/Labour pact on Cork City Council since his election in 2004.  If elected, Mick will be part of a strong bloc of United Left Alliance TDs in the next Dail.

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