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Stop the deportation of the Adeniran family

bola protest

The Adeniran family who have lived in Ireland for many years are facing deportation to Nigeria after their High Court bid for asylum failed. A group of Balbriggan school students who attend the Community College with the eldest son, Bola, have come together to fight the deportation and have formed the Friends of the Adeniran Family campaign.

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Riots expose reality of sectarianism


Fierce rioting erupted in Ardoyne after an Orange Order parade on 12 July and continued for three days. The period before, over and after this year’s Twelfth was also marked by rioting in other areas and a number of gun and bomb attacks. There was trouble across Belfast - including the New Lodge, Broadway, the Markets, Short Strand, Ormeau Road-and in Derry, Armagh, and Lurgan.

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Capitalism has failed us – The case for socialism

dublin protest 2

Wages have been slashed, unemployment has exploded and our public services have been cut savagely as the economic crisis developed in Ireland. All of this is the result of the policies of the right-wing government and the actions of a small group of speculators, bankers and developers. Here Paul Murphy outlines the socialist alternative.

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Review: Labour in Irish History – One hundred years of a socialist classic


The publication of James Connolly’s Labour in Irish History 100 years ago this year was a landmark in the development of a socialist and Marxist understanding of Irish history. In this book James Connolly sought to outline the key social struggles of Irish working people uniting all religions and to explain why the struggle for national liberation against British imperialism was inherently linked with these movements.

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Otis Lifts attempting to smash union


Workers in Otis Lifts, members of the Technical Engineering Electrical Union, are now into the second week of their strike action. The strike was undertaken as a response to the companies’ refusal to accept a Labour Court recommendation with regard to redundancies within the company. Initially the company sought thirteen redundancies and eleven workers were prepared to volunteer.

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China: Young workers lead the fightback


The host of strikes across many regions of China in recent weeks and months have served to once again highlight the brutal working conditions in the country. The “Sweatshop of the World” has seen a litany of strikes take place within the last months in many multinational corporation factories, many of which have been instigated by young migrant workers.

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Action now on Youth Suicide


Pieta House, an organisation dealing with prevention of suicide and selfharm, is reporting an increase in the numbers of, particularly young, people, who are considering suicide in the context of the economic crisis.

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G20 betrays commitments to world’s poor

g20 leaders

The latest G20 summit in Toronto scandalously cost an estimated $1 billion! An incredible sum of money and an even more incredible slap in the face for the unseen, unheard victims of the economic crisis - the millions of unemployed, homeless and poor.

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