Monthly Archives: May 2009

Child Benefit Cuts

5 May 2009 Socialist Party councillor Mick Barry responded to today’s IRISH INDEPENDENT story on child benefit cuts by saying: “Child benefit should not be means-tested, should not be taxed and should not be cut”. He said that a 10 percent flat rate cut in the benefit would hit a low-income family with three children to the tune of 55 ...

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Rejuvenation application for Tallaght Town Centre: a pre election gimmick.

 Councillor Mick Murphy opposed a motion to apply for “rejuvenation status” for Tallaght Town Centre at Mondays Tallaght Area Committee meeting and slammed the move as an attempt to distract from the disaster that is Tallaght Town Centre in the run in to Local Elections. “In July 2006 every other Councillor on SDCC voted to continue the rate of 2,800 ...

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