Fighting Fees Update

Updates for UCC, UCD, Waterford and elsewhere

Fees in 2010 – Build a movement to stop them! 

By Liam Cullinane, Cork SY

ON 31 March, UCD and UCC had shutdowns organised by their respective Students Unions to varying degrees of success.

UCD and UCC Students Unions were mandated to organise the shutdowns by referenda put forward by Free Education For Everyone (F.E.E) which were passed by over 80% of the vote in both colleges. F.E.E has played a key role in the struggle against fees throughout the year. With the announcement of fees for 2010 imminent, a mass campaign is needed more than ever. F.E.E. will be at the forefront of doing so in the course of the next year.  

By Lucian Verkin

THE INTRODUCTION of third-level fees will be a devastating blow to young people throughout the country.

As a member of Socialist Youth, I have rallied my school’s Student Council to take action in our city of Waterford. We plan to reach out to all secondary school students in the city by visiting their schools and gathering a petition in hopes of saving our right to an education. I believe that through a unified effort, such as this, and on a grander scale, will be able to express the frustration of young people loudly for all to hear. Wish us luck in our efforts, so that we may be a step closer to building a campaign that can win this vital struggle.